Learning Objectives for BodySoul Workshops

Learning Objectives for BodySoul Workshops

BodySoul work has a strong psychological base in the work of C. G. Jung, supports the individual’s process toward expanding consciousness, and depends on the contained group process to descend into the unconscious and the body. BodySoul work holds the psyche and soma are inseparable and must be integrated to come to consciousness – to the positive feminine in our bodies and the positive masculine in our creative pursuits. To that end, participants will learn and experience key aspects of BodySoul work through:

  • Exploring the nature of archetypes through story and myth. Identifying those that may be activated within individuals, couples, families or groups as complexes affecting relationships in our lives.
  • Recognizing and distinguishing archetypal energies operating within individuals, couples, families, or systems as we strive to heal our bodies, our psyches, and our relationships from psychic, emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual wounding.
  • Synthesizing dream images, myths, fairy tales, body, voice, and the creative processes that aid the process of individuation as we examine patterns, helping us to regain or restore psychological, emotional, and spiritual wholeness and health within ourselves, our relationships, our families, and in groups.
  • Building the essentials of a strong, embodied ego as we develop, integrate, and rewrite our own personal mythology, an essential building block in the process of individuation, recovery, enhancing individual growth, marriage and family healing, and professional and personal development.
  • This work will help clinicians attune to their bodily experience – the roots of embodied empathy – which in turn can assist them in aiding clients who may be suffering from Depression and Dysthymia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, and other challenges to well-being resulting from trauma, psychological, emotional, or spiritual wounding.

This work will offer individuals alternative approaches to healing themselves and their relationships and help them “come home to their bodies”.

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